Thank you for visiting my website. First, let me give you a little background in what I do and how I got started in the advertising field, or more specifically – web design, branding, and developing creative solutions for business problems.

The year was 2001 and I was a singer in a punk rock band – I can’t believe it either – and frankly, this was short lived – I moved on to playing the drums if that says anything about my singing ability. Anyway, we ended up toying with the idea of creating a website for our band, if anything else, we were bored and curious of what went into building a website and we were excited to get the word out about our band, Fiction. A few of us worked on our band’s website, and after a few days messing around in one of those free domain website builders (I can’t remember if it was ‘freewebs’ or ‘geocities’ or something similar) we were up and running. I walked away hooked on web design.

Fast forward to 2003 and I decided to start my own music blog (the word blog hadn’t been invented yet and I often referred to it as a “music review website”) where I reviewed band albums I liked in order to get free CDs sent to my parent’s house and get free tickets to see some of my favorite bands and festivals. I was living my dream and this catapulted me to interviewing my idols and writing about what I loved and I eventually moved on to writing for several music magazines in the Chicago, Illinois and Lexington, Kentucky areas. My first experience in a web design project felt like a success.

From 2003, until the advent and natural progression to CMS (content management systems), where users were able to comment on stories with ease, and the inter-webs became much more social and less intimidating – I learned to navigate the CMS stratosphere as I saw it as the inevitable evolution from HTML websites and Flash websites, which had all but disappeared. So, in the year 2008, I migrated my music review website (called at the time to the WordPress CMS platform and rebranded to (I have since rebranded again to

After this, I began to build websites on the side, and help small businesses with either re-branding or a complete web design overhaul. Since the beginning, my passion for web design and branding hasn’t waned in the slightest and I have built a base of small businesses and individuals whom I have helped solve business problems, and who trust my opinion and work ethic to make things happen for them. I am dedicated and will continue to be so as I take the utmost pride in my work. I only wish I had every variation of my original music blog so that I could show how many times I re-designed it. It had to be over 20 times, each forcing me to learn more skills and adapt with the rapid trends of the internet and the industry.

Oh well, one day I am sure I will be looking through a pair of virtual reality glasses or contact lenses at this website as it will surely age (hopefully like a fine wine). Until then – I will keep pressing forward in the internet space as we know it and I’m happy to help those who are ready to take their brand to the next level.



Web Design
Creative Direction
Brand Development
Graphic Design
User Experience Design
Packaging Design
Proctor & Gamble



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